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My name is "El Khoir" my daily job as craftsman design is in a rural, eastern Java. In addition, I also worked as a recipient of services and the creation of making my blog pretty much had enough and proven.

Blogging is one of my hobby and side job because I can pour your thoughts and writing the story of my everyday life, experience, how modifications blog, criticism, suggestions, and discourse as well as to make me communicate with Blogger and all readers in general widely and without limit. Blogging however, was to write and blogging is forever making the paper applied to the virtual world via a free domain sites that blogger.

I first tried to create a weblog with Wordpress platform, but later on it was finally my turn to get bored and give up my love for Blogger. I really like tinkering with HTML, XML, CSS, and Javascript, but rather "hurt" by PHP.

Not A Secret Again ..! is one of my personal blog that was founded in December 2011 to pour the blog and learn how to deliver a wide range of information and news is one of the most complete and Tutorial Blog Up To Date, especially in the Mastering Blog, Blog Writing, Blog Design, Widget, and SEO blog as well as a trial to prove that the second level domain (subdomain) can achieve high SEO and can compete with others. Some other blogs talking about internet business, all kinds of information and the latest news, secret blog, technologist complete. Etc..

Please do not hesitate to contact me, either for personal, business professionals, making personal and business blogs, ads, etc. You are welcome:

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